Hippie Clothing Keeps Refining Itself

Fashion is constantly evolving, but every once in a while a trend is so popular that it keeps returning to the spotlight. Hippie clothing is one of those trends. It’s carefree, comfortable and made from natural materials. It’s a fashion statement that improves as it ages.


The hippie style grew in popularity during the 1960s and 1970s. It was originally designed as a form of self expression and rejection of conventional values. Hippies were peace lovers who shocked society in the 60s with a new way of dressing. Hemlines drastically changed when mini and micro mini skirts appeared on the scene. These short skirts were often paired with knee high boots or sandals, depending on the temperature outside. Others wore maxi length dresses with peasant style blouses. Bell bottom pants also came on the scene. The styles were vivid in color and most clothing was created from natural fabrics, such as hemp, cotton, denim and linen.

Today’s Hippie Styles

While fashion has changed over the years, the influence of the hippie style has seen itself reborn in updated looks and fabrics that continue the love for the hippie trend. Bohemian style skirts, bell bottom pants and soft flowing blouses have a new look, but old familiarity at the same time. Today’s fabrics mimic the patterns that defined the hippie generation, such as paisley and psychedelic patterns, stripes and flowers of every type. Tie dye has also reemerged in soft tees and maxi length skirts.

Bohemian Influence

The Bohemian influence that was a big part of the hippie generation has grown in popularity once again and can be seen everywhere, even in high end stores. This style encompasses full flowing sleeves on blouses, embroidery work on tops and even patchwork and striped gypsy skirts. Bell bottomed pants have reemerged for both men and women and are often paired with the tie dye shirt of the 60s, or with newly designed caftan Moroccan tunics.

Whatever one thinks about the hippie generation, they did make a huge impact in the fashion industry. The use of soft natural fabrics have become a standard that is preferred by many designers and the customers who purchase their products. Flowers, peace signs, and the power to be as individualized as one wishes are all the result of a generation who dared to be different and go against the norm.