Free Website Design Tips For Beginners

Free website design need not be difficult. However it does require careful planning and insight. You have to understand how your audience thinks, what they’re looking for and how your website can best accommodate their needs so that they would return. Even a hobbyist needs to implement good web design to ensure a steady flow of visitors. What more an internet marketer?

Free Website Design Tips

An internet marketer or owner of an ecommerce site isn’t just thinking of convenience for their audience, even though this is a priority; he or she is also thinking of profitability. You have to think of your site in terms similar to a casino or shopping mall. Everything must be set up to encourage your guests to buy, buy and buy.

Use Attractive Graphics. We may have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but this isn’t what works in real life. When people see something attractive, they are more likely to buy it than a similar item that looks plain. Think about this: If you surf eBay for “Gucci watch” and find one item with a thumbnail picture and one that has none, which do you click on first? Pictures sell, so make yours look nice.

First things first. Always display your flagship product(s) foremost. Internet marketing of a product/service is like posting a job resume. You want to highlight your most marketable assets.

Less clicks, more buys. Don’t burry your merchandise in a stack of links. Your guests have plenty of other places to go, and they may not have a lot of time. Your free website design must make purchase fast and easy.

Set your target. Decide on what your target audience is, and pursue them. Why would they want to buy your product? As an internet marketer, you want to let the whole world know it needs you and your services.

Honesty and integrity are priceless. On the other hand, never trick your guests into making a purchase they don’t intend. Be honest about your products or services. To be really helpful, you can write detailed, informative articles about the general topic of your site. For instance, if you sell air purifiers, you can provide interesting essays on air pollution, housecleaning, and allergies.

Name your price. Would-be buyers are easily turned off when they fail to see a price tag. It makes them suspicious and doubtful that they would be able to afford an item. You’re here to sell, so name your price.

Be interactive. The internet makes communication with clients easier. Take advantage it. Provide a feedback form, mailing address and telephone/fax number. Be prepared to answer any type of question that may come along.

The above are some free web design tips you can use right away. Now if you really want a professional experience for your clients, you can go to a quality online webmaster shop with free or cheap software and services. A small investment there can go a long way to making your site more competitive.